Winter fashions are here

Courtnei Stephens

Fashion in the news today has been making the public go nuts. Upcoming releases, store sales, and Black Friday, which just occurred on the day after Thanksgiving. What if your two favorite fashion brands teamed up to become one whole new product? H&M and Vera Wang have done just that.

Fans have been dying to see what the collaboration could bring to the table. Vera Wang is known for her iconic wedding gowns and exotic wear. H&M is known for the local city trends for fast-fashion individuals. These two brands have huge impacts in the fashion world and more to offer.

Vogue magazine noted in a review, “It’s exactly the sporty-minded fantasy we were hoping for, with strappy scuba dresses, thick gray pullover sweatshirts, mesh-paneled leggings, cropped bra-tops, leather joggers, and parkas.”

They were actually right! H&M and Vera Wang teamed together to create this sport fantasy dream with different sport pieces for a good price.

These two wanted to set aside what fashion always show, and just move over to a trend that’s never mention a lot. Sports are America’s most watched entertainment on television and going to the gym is the last resort that people want to do. So, Wang wanted to make going to the gym worth going. What would it be like to go to the gym, get fit, and look great while doing it? That’s the journey H&M and Vera Wang are trying to interpret.

For that matter, H&M and Vera Wang made a huge change to the fashion world and more to come.  The H&M and Vera Wang pieces are now available in every H&M store or log onto to check out the different variety on fashion. WORK IT!