Hair Coloring to Dye for

Emma Checchi, Staff writer

Good Dye Young is a newborn hair dye company that was founded in early 2016. The company was founded by pop-rock celebrity, Hayley Williams, who is the lead singer for the band Paramore. The brand’s extremely vibrant colors options targets young people who want to be “beautifully obnoxious,” as that is the brands logo.

Good Dye Young is a vegan and cruelty-free brand, which appeals to many customers. The dye is also free of harsh chemicals. The vibrant colors can be achieved without a developer and our skin friendly. The color also lasts an impressive 6 months.

This hair dye brand is impressive for it being so new. Young people love doing different things to their hair to express themselves and Good Dye Young is the perfect brand to do so. Reviews are raving online, praising the brand. People post pictures to social media of their hair, and the brands twitter page often shows off their customers’ unusually brightly colored hair.

The only complaint customers seem to have is the pricing. For about 15 dollars per 4 ounce tube, and another $15 for shipping, people say the price is a bit unreasonable. Williams argues that because the company is so young the pricing has to be somewhat expensive, and most fans are understanding.

Another complaint is that the dye does have a strange smell, but the final product is worth the short-term headache. If you’re looking for bright neon hair that screams youthfulness, Good Die Young is the brand.

The product is available online only, and can be purchased at