Bears lose Cutler, not the season


Jimmy Adams, Sports Editor/Writer

On Sunday November 20, 2011, the Chicago Bears played against the San Diego Chargers. During the Bears 31-20 victory over the Chargers, Jay Cutler went down in a vicious hit. He has a thumb injury, and had surgery this past Wednesday to repair it. The six-foot-three starter for the Bears will be out at least six weeks, and the new starter for the Bears will be Caleb Hanie. Hanie took over late in last year’s NFC Championship game when the Bears played the Green Bay Packers, and almost lead them to a victory.

So far this year, Cutler has had an average of 225.9 yards through the air in each game.

He is having one of his best seasons yet in the NFL, but the Bears can still do well without him. Caleb Hanie, the second string quarterback, will likely start the rest of the regular season for the Bears. In last year’s NFC championship against the Packers, Caleb Hanie was thirteen for twenty in pass completions, and had a solid passer rating of 65.2.

While giving the new quarterback some passes, the Bears will most likely run the ball most of the game, and hope to get the win that way. With Matt Forte as their running back and a third in the league ranked rushing offense, and despite the shaky first start from Hanie against Raiders this past Sunday, the Chicago Bears almost came out a winner and should fare well for the rest of the season.