Pay attention to the females!


Tara Luczak, staff

The female athletes at St. Joseph do not get the same amount of attention as the male athletes.  The lack of attention can first be fixed by forming a buddy system, having posters up on home game days or even have emails sent out to promote the games.

To change the number of people in the stands we can form a buddy system. This system partners up a female sport and a male sport and they go to each other’s games making them more fun, enjoyable, and for people to look forward to the games. Another thing to change is attendance at the games is that we can have assemblies mentioning our success to the school or at least the students that are in the same grade level. By doing this the school will be more informed to what our female athletes can achieve.

The student athletes tend to do better when they have people watching them. Playing a sport builds confidence and takes a lot of effort but you feel like it’s all worth nothing if no one is there to pay any bit of attention to you. For some of the athletes this is their only way to express themselves.

The common excuse is”I don’t know when the games are.” Not knowing when the games are is believable because there are no mentions of the female teams in the agenda book. A way to change this is that we can have the PA announce any home games or games that are close to home. Also since we are an all laptop school we can have emails sent out , game dates written on the website. Anything that will get any female sport that will give them the attention that they deserve! If the students want to get more involved with the games we can have poster hanging up in all four of the halls that we have. Basketball and football have the super fans, why not tennis, volleyball, soccer?