Frozen yogurt attracts more than just taste buds

Frozen yogurt attracts more than just taste buds

Leslie Martinez, Staff Writer

            Recently, frozen yogurt has become very popular opening in many different locations around the U.S and the Chicagoland area. Starting from small businesses like Forever Yogurt and Pinkberry  to big franchises like Red Mango and Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. So what is the buzz all about? Is it the go healthy craze that’s been having a big effect on people of all ages?

           In the past couple of years there has been more campaigns for healthy eating habits, one of the many being Michelle Obama’s Go for Gold Campaign that has been started in Chicago Public Schools to promote healthy nutrition and education for students(CPS website). On the other hand, even McDonald’s and other fast-food chains have started to improve their menus with even more healthy options. For Example, this past summer, McDonald’s added favorites under 400 calories-they also have added Quaker oatmeal to their menu and Ihop and Dunkin donuts followed as well.

          Therefore, since people are looking for new ways to keep healthy, yogurt has become one of the most popular options. Patrick Neff’s DeWalt, owner of Yogurt Yeti, in Michigan says “There’s such a craze for eating healthy and frozen yogurt is a healthy alternative,” Neff said. “Frozen yogurt is one of the fastest growing franchises.” With topping bars that includes Sprinkles, freshly cut fruit, gummy bears, chocolate, and pretzels.  Also a variety of yogurt flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet, just to name a few.

          Who wouldn’t want to join in and be part of this new trend? No wonder it’s become a new hot spot for teens and people of all ages. Adding along to the frozen yogurt craze is the big Franchise Red Mango. On September 5, 2012 Zagat rated Red Mango number 1 for best smoothie/yogurt top healthy option in the National Chain Restaurants Survey. “Our frozen yogurt and smoothie products are all natural, gluten free, kosher, non-fat, and are the richest in live and active probiotic cultures which support digestive health and a strong immune system” said Dan Kim.

          Thanks to the go healthy campaigns and fast-food restaurants coming up with healthy menus options, Frozen Yogurt has been able to launch itself as one of the most creative and appealing products to people of all ages. No wonder it’s become so popular.