Stop at Wing Stop

Tara Luczak, Staff Writer

For all wing lovers, Wing Stop is a new place to try out. Having low prices and great food, Wing Stop is the new place to go to. Wing Stop is the place for teens and young adults to go to watch a game, catch up about their week and just to hang out.

Food critic, Seth Cardoza, gives the quality 8 out of 10. Although he says that dining in is not the way to go. A simple explanation is because the places are new and still trying to get used to working all of the equipment that they need to use.  Quality and cleanliness has the grade of 70% given by Mr. Cardoza.  Being in a cleaner environment is better for any person and safer.

Another reason that Wing Stop is the constant place people are going to is because you get to pay a low amount for the quantity of food you receive. A meal at Wing Stop will only cost you about $6 to $12 dollars, depending on what you decide to get. Pile on sauces for no extra cost catches the attention of plenty of hungry customers. The pile on sauce is when you run out of sauce for dipping the wings in so you can always go up to the counter and ask for more. You will receive as much as you want.

Compared to Buffalo Wild Wings, Wing Stop is cheaper. Wing Stop also has more meat on the wings that they are serving. You can get a meal for two people in the price range of $15 dollars, including drinks. At Buffalo Wild Wings you would need to bring at least $25 dollars to cover all that you will need to pay for. It is quite possible that Buffalo Wild Wings is more expensive because of the fact you will have to buy more sauce which costs $0.65 more. Wing Stop knows how to satisfy people when it comes to serving the right amount of food for the price that they have to pay.

Wing Stop is defintatley trending because of the quality and prices of the wings. Also they get their booming business from all of the teens and young adults that have a craving for Wings.