TOMS are trending

TOMS are trending

Laura Kristie, Staff Writer

        Blake Mycoskie, entrepreneur, started the company TOMS in 2006.  TOMS became instantly popular; after his first year of business he sold 10,000 pairs of shoes. TOMS are a type of canvas shoe. They come in various designs such as artist, classics, stitch outs, wedges, and of course the glitter ones. Lesly, a satisfied customer says, “I finally got my very first pair of TOMS. I got them in ash grey and I love them. They are so comfortable. They go with about every outfit. I would totally recommend them to anybody that is thinking of getting TOMS.”   

        Why are TOMS so popular? Is it the promise the company made that opened people’s wallets? When Blake Mycouskie went to Argentina he saw how poor the people were- they couldn’t even afford to buy shoes. He made a promise to match every purchased pairs of TOMS and then give a pair to a child in need. And that’s where the company TOMS created its saying “ONE FOR ONE.” In September 2012, he returned to Argentina and gave back their one millionth pair of TOMS with the help of supporters. By buying TOMS people can feel like they are helping someone in need.

         Perhaps it’s the style. TOMS are popular among many, young women and teenagers. In 2007 TOMS won the prestigious People’s Design Award from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

For some reason TOMS are very popular. Maybe the style, the comfort or the fact you are helping someone in need is why TOMS are such a popular shoe right now.