Vampire trend: Sinking their teeth into everything

Vampire trend: Sinking their teeth into everything

Alexus Brown, Staff Writer

            Have you been noticing vampires popping out of nowhere in your neighborhood lately? Well, the new craze of not only the nation, but the entire world is about the everlasting bloodsucking beauties. Don’t believe the trend began with Vampire Diaries or The Twilight Saga.  It started back in 1897, centuries ago when a certain book called Dracula introduced the most infamous and legendary vampire of them all.  Since then, the popular idea of humanlike creatures feeding on mortals has stirred some classic horror tales, but recently the concept of the vampire has changed drastically.  Now vampires aren’t our enemies, but our lovers and friends.  

            It won’t be surprising to see people sporting fake fangs during this upcoming Halloween, but dressing up as a vampire isn’t considered scary anymore. Gone are the days of monstrous, malicious bloodsuckers from the Blade series or the sneaky minds of bloodthirsty villains from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Vampires are gorgeous, peaceful, and loving according to the current teenagers today.  The trend has sunk its teeth into everything: movies, books, TV shows, video games, cartoons, fashion, music, and advertisements! 

           This conception, that vampires are good and can coexist with regular humans peacefully, first started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Once the 1990s TV show announced the friendly, helpful vampire known as Angel, people spanning the globe got the idea of making vampires more charming than chaotic.  Slowly, the fabled predators of the night became less threatening and more appealing to adolescents all over.

           The Vamp fad is receiving mixed reviews from many people, however.  Some consider this fascination related to evil or the devil due to the violent history of vampires.  Others wish that they could truly turn into a blood feeding anomaly, making halfhearted cults.  Then there are those who simply don’t care and ignore it altogether.  Either way, it’s a love it or hate it opinion. Fans are sucking up every drop of the vampire trend and don’t care how many other people wish all the vampire goodies were staked to death.