The weather changes whether you’re ready or not

Lynn Weishaupt, Staff Writer

          Thursday, October 4th was the last warm day for us. It was about 77 degrees that day, and now we’re experiencing 50 degree weather. According to, this summer was the third hottest summer in Chicago. Everyone got used to the unusually warm weather. Now, the beginning of fall is hitting us hard.

            The month of October is characterized by its rapidly falling daily temperatures. According to, over the course of the month, daily high temperatures drop from 68 degrees to 56 degrees. The weather we are currently experiencing is technically the weather for the beginning of November. With the weather reports saying that it’s 54 degrees but “feels like” 41, there’s no consolation for the summer loving people of Chicago. Rachel Tucker, Junior, said, “I definitely like summer better because the wardrobe is more comfortable.”  Brittany Winbush, a fall fashion lover, said, “I like fall wardrobe because you can mix it up like you can wear gym shoes or boots, jackets or sweaters, and any colors you want.”

Also in October, the days are getting much shorter. According to, every day the day gets shorter by 2.6 minutes. The month starts out with 11 hours and 43 minutes of daylight, but it ends with only 10 hours and 24 minutes of daylight. By October 31st, the sun will set at 5:46pm. “Days are getting shorter and I don’t like it because I feel like I have less time to do things,” said Brittany Winbush, Junior at St. Joe’s. Ms. Kuecker, fine arts teacher, said, “I like the summer because I feel more active, but the winter gives me time to catch up on sleep and be a little more relaxed in my house, although I can’t wait to go ice skating.”

While we probably won’t see any snow in the month of October, we may need to start dressing like it.