Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

Tara Luczak, Staff Writer

Are you struggling to buy gifts this Christmas season? Here are many helpful ideas that will assist you in giving the right gift.

For mothers

Some thing that you can get your mother for Christmas is jewelry. All women like jewelry so you can never really go wrong there. Or, your mom is constantly working and could really enjoy a spa day to relax. Of course, you are constantly growing and changing and all your mom could want is to spend time with you.

For fathers

Anything that reminds your father that you love him and appreciate him would be a great gift idea.  You can get your Dad a T-Shirt with a corny saying on it. He will like it and it will make him smile. A nice blanket that he can snuggle in while he is watching his team play will always make him think of you. Or you can get him night vision goggles because that’s just something really cool he can brag about with his friends.

For sisters and brothers

Something that you can get your brother and something that he might need would be clothes. Boys are always getting in messes so that would be something he needs,  but that’s probably not something exciting to unwrap so you can also get him cologne so that he always smells good.  Something else that you can get your brother is anything from his favorite sports team. For your sister, once again, you really can’t go wrong with jewelry-a pair of studs or earrings would be perfect. Accessories like a scarf, a purse, or a hat is something fashionable and cute that your sister would really like.  A few DVDs are always a good idea and that way you can spend time together and it will be just as fun as if you really went out.

For a female and male friend

A guy friend is not that hard to shop for. You can get them any video games that they would like to play. Also you can grab some fabric and make a no-sew fleece blanket. Those will always come in handy. Shopping for a female friend can be tricky but again jewelry would be fine. Perfumes that you know she will love is a good idea, too. There are so many scents to choose from: tropical, flowery, twilight woods and fruity and so much more. You can get some outrageous nail polish colors and a nail kit so that she will never have boring nails again. You can also get a movie that you guys can watch together.

If you are confused by what you should get a friend or family member follow these few suggestions and everyone will be happy. Happy holidays!