Resolution issues resloved

Tara Luczak, staff writer

People like looking better, getting richer and feeling happier so that’s what they usually pick for their News Year resolution. With all the people that try to keep their resolution only about 12% actually keep them, (this research was done by Richard Wiseman a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire).Most of the things that people try to achieve in the new year is breaking bad habits, saving money, getting healthy, and to lose weight . Here are some tips that will hopefully complete your New Year resolution.

To start off, write all the resolutions down. When it is written down, make sure that they aren’t generic like lose weight. Make it say lose 20 pounds by May, for example. Also by doing this it will be a constant reminder of what needs to be done. Another thing that can be done to keep yourself on track is make a calendar of what has to be achieved by a certain date. For example if someone wants to lose weight, each month on the 21st they would write where they want to be.

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to get healthy you need to visualize what it will be like once this goal is accomplished. Thinking about what it will feel like and how you will look will give motivation. This will only make you work harder and want it more. Something you can do is sign up for a gym membership with a friend. You can make this a friendly competition. Or simply just by telling your family and friends will make you determined to complete the resolution this year.

If it is a bad habit you are trying to kick, start off small. Take it day by day and just cut a little out each day because if you cut something completely out of your life in one day you are most likely to fail. Or if you are trying to save money be specific with how much you want to save, what you want to save for, and what you will do once you hit your goal of money saved.

This is not something you need to stress over this is something that you are doing for yourself and it should make you feel good. So to eliminate some of the stress that might pop up make sure that you already made time in your busy schedule to do whatever it is your resolutions requires. Overall just make time for what you want to do for the New Year.