Homecoming Week a big success

Kyle Murray, Staff Writer

Homecoming 2013 was a success. Everyone had fun and it was capped off with a Football win and a great dance.

            The whole week we were out of uniform. It really helped with the heat because it was so hot outside.

            “Being out of uniform definitely didn’t make it feel as hot as it was,” said Darius Lemons.

            We also had trivia all week which was also a success. On Thursday, we had a scavenger hunt where we had to find ten items throughout school

            “The scavenger hunt was a great idea,” said Junior Dillen Keller.

            On Friday there was the football game. The Varsity team won their first homecoming game in 12 years and improved to 1-2 on the season with a 21-16 win over Elmwood Park.

            “The Homecoming game was (fun),” said football player Isaiah Allen.

            Finally, on Saturday we had the dance, the dance was really fun and it seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves. The dance took place in the south gym on Sept. 14.

            “I had a lot of fun at the dance” Keller said. “The only complaint I have is that the music was old.”

            Homecoming Week was a success capped off by a win and a great dance.