Pass on the Egg Nog and give me some Turkey!

Rory Connor

Poor Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is such an underrated holiday when it happens to be one of the best. Now, I understand why people would be looking forward to Christmas because of the time off from work and school, and the corporations can make extremely large amounts of money. Thanksgiving embodies everything we should love about Christmas –  like being with family, and partaking in an old and loved tradition.

             With the emergence of Black Friday and just about every company and most people partaking in such an event the day after Thanksgiving people are rushing through the beloved holiday and moving on to Christmas almost instantly, or even worse people are ignoring Thanksgiving altogether. Black Friday itself has now gained more media and public attention than Thanksgiving. One proposed solution is to bring Thanksgiving into the circle of the Holiday season to give Thanksgiving more attention.

            Making Thanksgiving a holiday among that of Christmas and Hanukkah, although posing some tricky challenges, does seem to be a good idea. Thanksgiving would no longer be a day standing alone but instead part of the winter holidays. It would also close that awkward gap between Thanksgiving and Christmastime when everyone is out buying gifts and trying (and failing) to get back to normal for the short period of time that is the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

            The one challenge that does come with this is that Thanksgiving is not always the same date, rather than the gap between Christmas and Thanksgiving always being the same the time will vary which could cause a strange difficulty with so much time being considered the Holiday season.

            I think that it’s not a horrible idea the make Thanksgiving a “holiday season” holiday, but I also think that with such a move would create problems just as bad as now on the other end of such a spectrum, in which the prolonged holiday season would lose serious value in the hearts of people.