When does the violence end?

Lillian Brown, Staff writer

School shootings affect teachers, children, and families so intensely because we’ve learned that schools are supposed to be safe places for children to learn and have values. It seems that gun violence in schools is a typical mechanism in America and innocent people are dying daily from causes that they have no control over.

The catastrophes that took place at Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, and Sandy Hook Elementary School, prove the disturbing influence guns have on schools and their neighboring societies. One in five high school students reports carrying a weapon; one-third of those students took the weapon to school. One in eighteen high school students indicated staying home from school because they felt unsafe at school or going to and from school.

Students, as well as the faculty and staff were traumatized emotionally and physically as well. Statistics confirm that gun violence exposes many to have uncommon thoughts, as well as sleep disturbances, and disruptions in relationships. When some younger people don’t know how to handle the violence they have seen, some act out by become lawbreakers, substance abusers, or even become more sexual.

If the future of our youth rests with a gun, then I don’t want to be a part of that. I believe that guns only increase the issues of America that we are suffering to get away from. Gun violence in schools should be nonexistent. We, as the people, should opinionate our status in society and say that guns aren’t good for children, and there should be no way that guns should be given, sold, or bought by the youth of America. No student or faculty member should be afraid to learn or teach at school because of the fact that someone might possess a gun. Gun violence needs to stop everywhere, or the fate of our youth might be demolished before our very eyes.