Tensions high between Police, communities following deaths

Taija Randolph

The way I feel about the situation, it’s unfair and I feel like all young black people are not safe. I feel like it’s similar to the Trayvon Martin situation (from a few years ago).

Two innocent black man got their lives taken for pointless acts. I will never see how people think its ok with the act of a young African America getting their lives taken away for no reason.

Michael Brown, in my opinion, should have gotten justice. There’s already so much violence around the world.

In my honest opinion, I feel like officers really don’t even rush to try and solve violence when it comes to homicides, they take their sweet time going to the scene like its noting, but can go out, create and look for trouble on their own free time. I feel like they shouldn’t be creating the violence they should stop it.

I also feel like rather we are black or white I feel like we all should get along. I also think the decision that’s been made also has a lot to do with Michael Brown being an African American, but right is right. And wrong is wrong! It’s sad because Michael brown was only 18 and he did not deserve this.