A lesson in giving back during the Holiday Season

Leah Matthews, Staff writer

The week before Thanksgiving, the church I go to gave back to the community. It was the best moment to experience. The looks on the peoples faces showed that they are really thankful that this is happening and they do care about us.

“I love giving to the community and I love seeing other who need help,” said Michell, a member of my church.

The church I go to is Pleasant hill Missionary Baptist Church. We have a Tradition. We always give to the community. They don’t have to pay for anything. . All you have to do is grab raffle ticket so we can I know many people came.

Some people also come to the church just to sit and pray or just talk to the pastor about their problems. The pastor will always help them or encourage them to come to church or read the bible for it will guide you into the right places

Some people in this world are just so selfish that they wouldn’t give a homeless man a dollar. In the bible it say “you need to give to receive a blessing from the Lord.” This is absolutely right.

Good deeds are very good for yourself. It’s proves you’re not selfish. It really changed me, it made me feel better about myself.  Also it made me realize you shouldn’t give just to give you should give from your heart.