Heading to the movies? Not me (I’ll be watching at home)

Bella Fuentes, Staff writer

It is no surprise that more people wait for a movie to be available online instead of going to the movie theaters. When a medium popcorn and a drink can add up to fifteen dollars (excluding the ticket price), we don’t blame those who want to have a date night watching a RedBox movie with candy from a dollar store. It’s pretty clear to see that movie theaters and MOVIES for that matter, are failing.

Of course, you get the movies that rake in dough, such as Star Wars, or the latest superhero movie. And don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some diamonds in the rough, such as IT, Blade Runner, or Beauty and the Beast.

But what do we see here? Ah, yes. They’re remakes. While remakes can be good like the ones above, most of them are… pretty unbearable to watch. Which is why people don’t want to waste their money to see them.

I understand that people have their own preferences and that some people do not like cult-classic movies (Pulp Fiction or the original IT for example), but you have to admit that Hollywood is getting repetitive when it comes to movies.

Hollywood is constantly hyping up movies with lengthy trailers (that contain major spoilers) and action shots of the only action scenes in the movie, followed by the same bass dropping sound. Movies are losing their touch and it’s hard to find movies that are actually good these days.

We’ve past the Golden Age of movies, and it’s unsure when we will get a good batch that will really save the movie industry.