The stress of getting ready for college is, well…stressful

Phoebe Unzueta, Staff writer

For anybody who has ever met me, it seems as though I have my whole life together. I wear cat ears during the month of October, I sell Girl Scout Cookies (which I begin selling in January), and I have a magical purse like Mary Poppins that has anything you could ever need. Although in actuality I feel as though my life is a complete and utter mess, especially no due to college applications.

I may have applied to six of the eleven schools on my list but it is the other five that bother me. It is as though they are there constantly mocking me for not finishing them, for only filling out the easy stuff and not writing the essays.

It is not my fault because writing essays can be pretty difficult to do. You need to fully dedicate yourself to them for a day and write and make sure that you do not get distracted at all. For me that is hard to do this on top everything that needs to be done in my life with my mountain of daily homework, my extracurriculars such as my duties as Student Council Co-President, my obligation to Girl Scouts, my home responsibilities, and on top of all this keeping myself mentally sane by having some type of social life.

This is a lot to piles onto a student, especially one that has the tendency to overthink everything almost to the point of crazy. I do not know how but I am able to manage this but thanks to my friends, parents, teachers, and counselor, I somehow am. They are the people that I have to thank the most during this journey since they deal with me almost on a daily basis.

My friends have helped make sure that my head does not explode from stress by being there to let me blow off steam. My parents have taken me on several college visits and assist in filling out information on applications. My Mother even broke her ankle while taking me on a visit (she tripped on a cracked sidewalk). She even insisted on visiting the next college two weeks later, but I would not hear of it because her health comes first.

Since I want to major in Secondary Education with a Concentration in History, my history teachers, Mr. Jedrey and Mr. Zitzer, have been there for me over the past year. They would answer any crazy question I had and helped me narrow down my search to Illinois due to the state having some of the best education programs in the country.

I have learned that it is important to talk to your teachers about colleges. They have taught you for so many years and know the way you learn best, so they can help narrow down your search based on your learning style.

Probably the most important person in a college process is your counselor! They are completing a chunk of the process for you by sending transcripts and other documents, writing a recommendation for you, and answering all your questions, not matter how small.

I am very thankful to my counselor Mr. Korso on account of me being in his office at least three times a week pestering him with endless questions. I have learned that it is essential to have a good relationship with your counselor and do not be afraid to go to them even before you start college applications. They are the true unspoken hero of college application season for all that they do for students.

Even though I am going through one of the most stressful periods of my life, I know that will be all worth it. All of the late-nights, endless typing, and the development of a slight coffee addiction will lead to the most amazing time of my life, college. Someday I will look back and be even more grateful to those at St. Joseph High School that have assisted me in beginning the rest of life.