Water…the healthy drink?

Nick Fuentes, Staff writer

Water is something that we’ve all grown up drinking to stay healthy. Ever since we were little, we’ve known that water is good for you, and that it is important to stay alive. Your parents probably told you to drink a certain amount of water per day.


But here’s why water isn’t as safe as you think it is. Water is different in every place you get it from. Whether it’s from the sink, in a bottle, or from a pond, water always has different ingredients other than good old H2O.


Water from your sink has a whole mixture of other elements or chemicals that you don’t necessarily want to introduce to your body. It can contain anything from lead to iron, which as we all know turns to rust when it meets water. Lead causes damage to your brain, as it blocks out certain sensors and slowly kills you, by a process commonly called “lead poisoning.”


Both bottled water and water from the faucet contain a chemical called chlorine (yes, the same chemical they use in pools), which in high concentrations, is very unhealthy to consume. Animals have the worst side of it, as it gets stuck in their systems, causing them to get very sick.


A lot of people drink water straight from their faucets, and while they’re not doing serious damage to their bodies, it will slowly add up and can cause you to have problems down the road.


I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have water, staying hydrated is very important to having a functioning body, I’m just saying that there are many alternatives to drinking tap water to achieve a healthy amount of hydration. You can have juice, which is of course high in sugar and other things, some natural, some not so much, but it is still better than drinking lead, as you can work off any weight you might gain with having a lot of sugar.


You can also eat vegetables with high amounts of water in them. Liquid in vegetables or fruits do not have the chlorine or other chemicals that tap water has.


Of course, you can always simply buy water bottles that are specially made without chlorine or any other type of chemical. However, these bottles are more expensive, and very damaging to the environment, as instead of filling a glass with water, you’re drinking from a plastic bottle, and then throwing it away. I don’t think that many people realize that water can in fact be dangerous to their body.


If more people know about the health issues with drinking water from a regular bottle or from their sink, I really believe water would be seen in a whole different way. Until then, we always have other things to safely drink, as long as you know what’s in it.


SIDE NOTE – Mr. Janco now does not feel as guilty about consuming as many Diet Pepsi’s as frequently as he does thanks to this piece.