Giving Thanks for the right-length break

Julee Paradee, Staff writer

Thanksgiving break has always been five days long. You get Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. That seems like the perfect amount of time for little short break but to some people it is not, and they’re always looking for more.

With having the five days off for break you get to do a lot of fun things. Wednesday basically is anything you desire. Thursday you get to hang out with your family and celebrate Thanksgiving. Friday is for Black Friday shopping, while Saturday and Sunday are your average weekend days. It is a perfect sized break to do many things you might enjoy.

There’s been a debate to have the entire week off from school for Thanksgiving Break, but this is a clear-cut case of when more does not equal better.

If you have too much time off from school, you may forget the homework that you were supposed to do, or you may even forget the information you were taught in class before break started. Getting back to school from Thanksgiving break earlier will also give you more time to prepare for the finals that most students take about three weeks from returning to school.

There are other people who seem to need more than the five days off. If your family is cooking for the rest of the family on Thanksgiving they may need your help sooner than only one day before the holiday. It does take a lot of time to prepare for this big a meal. There are also families who like to spend time after the holiday together, they may even want to go on vacation for a week, but it is not possible to go on vacation for a week when there only five days off.

In the end, our Thanksgiving break should remain five days long. It should remain five days long for the importance of our education, and with having enough time to prepare for the biggest tests of the school year, finals. We would have had enough time to enjoy the holiday, do fun activities, and to spend time with family and friends.