Think twice before picking up that soda next time

Think twice before picking up that soda next time

Nick Fuentes, Staff writer

There are many different drinks in the world. However, one of them has gained serious popularity in more recent years.


Whether you call it Soda, Pop, or Soda-pop, or soft drink, Soda is one of the most common drinks to find in the modern world. Soda, with its hundreds of different flavors, is on the top of many peoples’ favorite drinks, and it’s easy to understand why.


What some people do not realize, however, is that soda is one of the most dangerous drinks out there.


There are many reasons for you to avoid it. One reason to avoid drinking soda is the amount of sugar added to most flavors. On average, the average can of soda has roughly ten teaspoons of sugar.


Of course, this is not all that bad. Having one can every few days or weeks is completely alright for your health, however, the issue is that most Americans do not simply drink one can a week. The amount of sugar most people who drink soda take in is way too much for the human body to consume. Sugar is not the only substance in soda that you need to watch out for.


As with many drinks, caffeine is a prominent ingredient that draws many people in. In fact, caffeine is what most Americans want from soda. In the modern world, we have a constant need to experience some sort of mental stimulus, and caffeine does the trick.


Sugar and Caffeine work together to create one of the world’s most unhealthy drinks. Caffeine works to stimulate the brain and make it desire more soda, which is full of sugar and other unnatural substances. Those substances then work to change the body of the drinker, causing weight gain, making soda one of the deadliest drinks.


Drinking soda is not always bad to drink. If you can control yourself, you can have soda every now and then, and that will not damage your health terribly. There are of course many different alternatives to soda, all of them with their ups and downs, however they are for the most part better than obesity and an addiction to the drink.