Understanding the relationship between pets and owners (from an emotional standpoint)

Alexis Holmes, Correspondent

All animals should be treated with respect at animal shelters because animals are just like people. Animals can’t exactly tell you what they think is right or wrong, but they will try and try until you do understand.

Imagine your voice was not important and everyone ignored you; you would be so aeriated and upset. So, stop treating animals that were on this earth first like they don’t matter and start treating them the way you would like to be treated. Once our world decides to stop abusing the society maybe we would have less animals in animal shelters dying and more healthy animals, not abused and they have a good home to live.

No- kill animal shelters are very different from traditional animal shelters. No- kill animal shelters won’t kill animals because of their health conditions or if the shelter is full.

Traditional animal shelters will kill any animal if its health conditions are bad at one time, if the animal shelter is to full, or even if the animal is older than most. Traditional animal shelters won’t look if there is a cure for a sick animal, they will just tack it to the vet and tell the doctors to put the animal asleep.

No-kill animal shelters will help the animal get better and get it any treatments it needs. 10% of the animal shelters in the United States are no-kill animal shelters, which means 6.5 million animal shelters are traditional animal shelters.  By having 6.5 million traditional animal shelters means that approximately 10 billion animals are killed a year at animal shelters in the United States.

Animals and humans share some of the same emotions, as well. Many people struggle with the skill of understanding other emotions, but animals are very good at this skill.

The percentages of animals saved with caring Animal shelters would be amazing to see, 55% more animals would be healthier and well taken care of. Around 35% more animals that are taken to no-kill shelters live a longer and A happier life than other animals do. More animals get adopted from no-kill shelters because people like to see healthy and happy animals, but there are times where people like to adopt from not so wealthy shelters because they feel bad for those animals.

Most people that do this are usually people that have been in the war or people that have lost their loved ones and need an animal that can confer them. When animals from traditional animal shelters meet new people, they are very scared that they may hurt them, most of those animals need to know you’re not going to hurt them before they will come see you.

Where No-kill animal shelter animals are happy to see any new person that walks through that door, they are even happy to see the workers because the workers are supper nice to the m.

We live in a world that is not always thinking of the animals and all the animal cruelty in the world. All animals deserve a loving family and home, with people that love them and will take care of them. There are animals in shelters with no families and are being abused by the workers supposed to take care of them, all animals should be treated with respect and kindness because the more the animals are abused and scared the harder it is for them to trust people.