Celebrities weighing in on politics…should we care?

Giana Guerrero, Staff writer

Thanks to Social Media, celebrities have a newfound way to keep in touch with their fans. Celebrities will talk about things like their diets, where they went with their kids that day and what sports team they may be rooting for in the big game.


Lately, though, many of these celebrities have taken to politics and have glorified their views when pertaining to President Donald Trump.


The deeper question, though, becomes how much we, the public, should listen to these celebrities when it comes to making up our minds when it comes to voting and how we feel about these elected officials.


I think that as a famous figure you have every right to talk about important issues that involve politics and average daily life matters, however, I would also say that everyone has a right to speak on their behalf of situations whether they like it or not. 


Many like to share how they all would disagree with the choices that the president makes. and others not so much, its intriguing to know that Celebrities have so much to say but don’t like to share their personal views. 

Taylor Swift’s views on politics have not been kept a secret she’s a very outgoing woman in one article she said, “she regrets not speaking out on politics before.” After she found her voice, she put all she has to say on social media. 


There are also other people who would disagree on talking about politics for instance Mark Wahlberg said he would rather have celebrities keep their political views to themselves and that they live in a “bubble” and don’t have a real understanding of the issues that are going on. 

It would be better for celebrities who have a bigger fanbase to state their opinions on what is going on so that our younger generation gets a better view point on the recent news.