To e-learn, or not to e-learn (and be in person)


Yesenia Fuerte, Staff writer

Being a student and learning in 2020 has been difficult for many of us. This also means that it affects schools as well, and not just the students trying to learn. As a student doing both in person and hybrid learning, I get the best of both worlds, online, and in person.   

I honestly prefer learning in person. I know I can concentrate when someone is there to tell me to do my work. Some students prefer learning online because they find it easier for them. As a student that is doing both online and in person, I can personally say it is a bit harder to balance things out. For example, I need to get used to going to school in person every other day, and the other two days I am online 

If I could, I would honestly be in person all week, but I also have to think about others health, and this also explains why some parents prefer their kids to stay home. Some parents or children have health issues, and if they get COVID-19 they can get severely sick or worse they can die. This pandemic is not a joke, but many people think it is.  

Many people do not seem to acknowledge that with more COVID-19 cases rising that it affects students who are learning in person. Not only do these people put students and staff members in danger but they also put people in their community in danger  

When you go outside please where a mask and try to sanitize whenever you can. This pandemic is not a joke, and please realize that this is not only affecting students, but it is also affecting our next generation.