Giants win Super Bowl XLVI

Chris Donaldson, Staff Writer

There is nothing more exciting than a game that comes down to the final minutes, especially the biggest game of the year. So it makes up for the three other mundane quarters in the Super Bowl. This game will go down as a classic and Eli Manning is no longer just Peyton Manning’s little brother, but the Patriots did not show anything to prove that they were a veteran team ready to win another. Bad passes by Tom Brady and a horrible challenge call by Coach Bill Belichek gave Tom Brady and Bill Belichek the aura of being newcomers to the big game instead of the guys trying to win their fourth Super Bowl together. The first three quarters were average at best and the second half opened with bang from the Patriots, but that died quickly. In the end, Eli Manning was his cool, calm, clutch, self in the fourth quarter, leading his team down the field late in the fourth quarter to cement his name in Super Bowl lour and NFL lour. He has finally come out of the shadow of his brother.

All around, the Super Bowl entertainment was very poor. The commercials were adequate and the halftime show should have been left in the 1950’s. Except for a few bright spots, the commercials, usually a big deal in the Super Bowl, were very inadequate. Half time in America might have been the best and not just because it was about America. It struck cords and seemed like the only commercial worth paying attention. The half time show seemed as if the people putting it together were trying too hard to make it good or even relevant. There were too many guest appearances, as if Madonna was not enough. The producers must have seen that they made a mistake in Madonna and tried to fill the gap with everyone from LMFAO to M.I.A. All around, the commercials and half time show that usually entertain did not show up to the big game.

With all of that being said, this was still one of the best Super Bowls ever. It had all the ingredients. It had two rivals that talked lots of smack, a future Hall of Fame quarterback looking for redemption, a quarterback trying to get from underneath the shadow his older brother. A mundane game to start that got exciting at just the right moment and everything coming down to just one throw. Even though nothing lives up to the hype, this one was a close as any game could ever get.