Charger Soccer: Getting the Ball Rolling

Charger Soccer: Getting the Ball Rolling

Joe Genova, Staff Writer

The Charger Soccer Team got their season started the way we all hoped here at St. Joes, by putting on a show in the Windy City Ram Classic Tournament. The team kicked off against Thornton at Stagg High School as a part of the Ram Classic, then went on to shut out Eisenhower and Providence. The squad then found themselves in a semi final match against two time Ram Classic winners and five time tournament top four finishers with home field advantage, Reavis High School, which did not go their way.

The tenth annual Windy City Ram Classic Tournament was played throughout the month of August. The team has been in the tournament for four years and in the past three, St. Joe’s has made it to Toyota Park as one of the final four teams. This year the Charger’s powerhouse varsity squad is led by young talent and a senior goalie, who have been coming up big in the clutch during the tournament. Senior goalie Pat Brown has held his own within the box, shutting out the first three teams he faced, earning them an automatic bid to the big stage, for the fourth consecutive time. Although it’s not for the biggest game of the day, they will be taking on Marist for third place, after a 3-0 loss to Reavis, making the Charger’s record, 3-1.

Sophomore talents, Jovany Aceves, Eduardo Gutierrez, and Victor Moreno have been playing to more than exceptional level, scoring all the goals during the tournament. Toni Orozco is another sophomore contributing with the varsity team. After shutting out every team in the tournament, Jovanny said to me, “After that first goal, we all just fell apart.” The up-incoming stars only had a little taste of varsity last year as freshman during a St. Joe’s playoff run that took them in to the super-sectional championship game. Varsity head coach and freshmen biology teacher, Mr. Niemiec, gave me his thoughts on the performance of the young guys and the rest of his team: “We do have a few sophomores on the team, none more valuable than any other player on varsity.  So far, the younger guys are doing well despite some lapses and mistakes. We do have a long season ahead and the team needs to learn to play together.  As more experience is gained, the mistakes each player makes will start to vanish.  I’d say this goes for all of them, juniors and seniors included; it is only the start of the season and depending on how focused we are will be how great we play.”

Mr. Niemiec and his team look to build from the wins in the tournament and continue down the road of success for the rest of the season. Their game against former conference rival, Marist, will be on Monday, September 3rd at Toyota Park.


*UPDATE* The Charger soccer team beat Timothy Christian on Friday August, 31st but lost to Marist on Monday September, 3rd 2012 making their record 4-2 going into the regular season and giving them 4th place in the Ram Classic Tournament