Chargers look ahead to homecoming game and back on season so far

Kyle Murray, Staff Writer

This upcoming week is homecoming week. Not most of us know, but homecoming has to do with football coming back home after an away game. The football team will play on Friday October 5th, at Elmhurst College. Several varsity football players wanted to talk about the season so far and homecoming week.

Sophomore running back Brandon Johnson; I asked him what it’s like playing varsity as an underclassman. “It feels good; I always wanted to feel what the highest competition was, and I realized that I could compete with people older than me.” The season hasn’t gone the way it was supposed to for most players, so I asked Brandon what he thought of this year, “ I don’t think it’s the way I wanted it to go, no one gives it their all, all the time including me, even though I try to help my team succeed every chance I get.” Brandon is very excited for homecoming week, ” I’m looking forward to beating Ridgewood and having the best game of the year.”

The team hasn’t had much success this year but junior quarterback Casey Scalise still says there doing well. “I think the team doing well compared to last year, and for me I think I’m having my best overall season yet.” Casey admits that he should have worked harder, “I should have gone to summer camp, I think I would have been stronger and smarter making me a better quarterback.” (The home football games so far this year haven’t been packed, but they haven’t been dead either). “Ohh yea, I think the crowds have been a pretty good for being off campus, and I think the homecoming game will have even more.”

Senior Wide Reciever Aaron Bell talks about his senior year and how it’s different. “I compete a lot more; I don’t keep my head down when I do something wrong. We are in games more, and it’s a more competitive atmosphere.” Even though the varsity record isn’t what they want it to be they still have a lot of team chemistry. “The chemistry is kind of the same this year compared to last year, but we have a lot more people so it’s hard to keep the chemistry strong. Not a lot of people are getting down on each other, and people are trying to help the team succeed.” Aaron is a senior and it is his last year on the field, and he has no regrets of how he played. “I feel like I’m more of a factor on the field; I’m being used more then when I was a junior or sophomore. I’m being used in multiple ways and positions; I’m not just one dimension anymore.”

St. Joes plays Ridgewood this Friday, a team they have a chance to beat. Senior Linebacker Ulrich Molina says, “They are just another team, another possibility to get a win this year.” Ulrich went on to say how he feels about the football reputation in the school. “Real negative, People say they have our support but I don’t feel it.” Even without winning many games Ulrich has no regrets playing Charger football. “I have put a lot of hard work and dedication into this program. Playing all four years and not getting many wins is rough, it’s not the ending I wanted, but I feel Coach Griff will do well in the future.”

It’s going to be a very exciting homecoming week, both in and out of school. The Junior Varsity and Varsity will be playing Friday night, October 5th at Elmhurst College. These four players compete on Friday night, and are trying to give St. Joes Varsity its first victory of the season.