Mat Men hopeful for some success

Ray Hodges, Staff Writer

Wrestling is a sport that is underrated since, compared to basketball, has a lack of interest and there have been others who criticize the sport for how you’re supposed to actually do it.
            Wrestling is a unique sport that not only is in the Olympics, but it teaches you moves that can be used as a defense. The sport also helps out with upper and lower body strength, which is a plus. Not all sports may have you working on both mind and body strengths. This sport can give out a great experience to newcomers.
             St. Joseph student Christian Gentry-Walker, who is senior, says that wrestling is a great experience.             “This is my first time learning something new besides karate,” said Walker. “Wrestling was not something I had planned on doing, but now since I’m in it I actually enjoy it.”
             Wrestling also has can show a lot out of people who have potential. Coach Jedrey can even prove that with a few members of the roster.

“Nick Terranova, Johnny MIlas, and Carone Pierce are all interesting Newcomers with a lot of potential,” he said. “Josh Peoples should qualify for the State Tournament with a lot of hard work.”
              Wrestling also has its downsides, which are that it’s underrated and it all depends on you. Not the wrestling on television but the really thing.

“Wrestling is extremely underrated. It is the oldest and greatest sport on earth,” said Jedrey. “It isn’t enough to be able to run, jump, or throw. You have to be able to use your neck, your back, your arms, your legs, and everything else that you can control to help you to win a match.  Wrestling is a great sport that teaches athletes so many valuable lessons about sport and life in general.

“If one fails on the wrestling mat, there is no one else to blame but the individual. Wrestling is a sport that makes you responsible like no other. Whether you win or lose, it’s entirely up to you. You are responsible for your training. You are responsible for making weight. You have to score. It’s all on you. It is hard to blame a coach or a teammate for a sub-par performance, and wrestling forces an individual to look inward to see what you’re really made of. The training that is required for wrestling is very intense to say the least. In just a six minute match, you can feel entirely wiped out.  You also have to be mentally tough and prepared to square up one on one with your opponent. You have to be mentally strong to be ready to perform under pressure on a regular basis. You have to be mentally prepared to push your body beyond what it wants to do”.
              A quote from Dan Gable describes on how Coach Jedrey feels on wrestling. Dan Gable, legendary University of Iowa coach, World, and Olympic Champion; is quoted as saying “Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” I still think that life can continue to throw powerful punches and challenges; however, I am in agreement that wrestling is a sport that teaches hard work and personal accountability.
            Even though wrestling is underrated, it can still have a great impact on those who have at least try out for the sport. It’s highly recommend to at least try it before judging it for how boring it is or how you’re supposed to do it.