College Hoops season in full swing

Kyle Murray, Staff writer

The College Basketball season is more than half way over, and the road to the Final Four is almost here – with conference tournaments right around the corner.  The No. 1 team in the country – the Kentucky Wildcats – are undefeated at 25-0. They have been in the top spot ever since the preseason polls came out in November.

The field from Nos. 2-68 will be completely wide open as Gonzaga, Virginia, Duke and Wisconsin round out the top five. However, I believe Wisconsin is the best of the rest because of depth and defense.

This is one of the odd years in college hoops where there is not a dominant conference. Usually the Big 10 is the top conference, but this year no conference has really risen above another. The Big 12 has the deepest conference with six teams in the top 25. Kansas is the highest ranked team at No. 8 and they are underachieving so far this season. The ACC may be the strongest with 5 teams in the top 12 but have an extremely weak middle tier of teams.

Notre Dame is keeping the Chicago area teams in the top 25. The Irish have hovered in the top 10 and have sit near the top of the ACC all season. The Fighting Illini are having an average season, but have been plagued with injury and suspensions. Illinois is 5-5 in the Big Ten and has a slight chance at a NCAA Tournament bid. Northwestern (10-12) once again is having a dismal year, despite recently topping Minnesota.  Hopefully, next season is better for the Wildcats with Coach Collins bringing in a solid recruiting class which includes St. Joseph guard Jordan Ash.

The Road to the Final Four is right around the corner and at this point about 20 different teams have a legitimate shot to go deep into March. My final four includes all top 10 teams as of now, but as shown last year with Connecticut any team can win in the Tournament. My number one seed is Kentucky; I don’t think they will be undefeated however. Duke will win the ACC tournament and make the Final four. Wisconsin is strong especially with stretch forward Frank Kaminsky and great Coach Bo Ryan. Rounding out the final four is the best half-court offense in America, Villanova, they move the ball around like no-other.

When all is said and done, Kentucky has the best shot to win the National Championship. They are the best defensive team in the country and have crazy depth. The Wildcats average 6’6, making them the tallest team around, it’s hard seeing this team losing to anyone. Remember, anything can happen on the Road to the Final Four.