Chargers ride leadership to two-win campaign

Willie Eiland (No. 3) looks for daylight in the Chargers season-ending win.

Willie Eiland (No. 3) looks for daylight in the Chargers season-ending win.

Kris Reid and Guylon Moore, Correspondents

Another tough season in the history of the St. Joseph Chargers came to an end last month. The 2015 Chargers went 2-7 and lost a couple of key players to the team, and one big player determined to make his senior year happen no matter what.

That senior was Willie Eiland, No. 3, who has been a key player for the Chargers. He has been a part of the varsity team since his sophomore year in high school and also had to start due to one of our past senior receivers tearing his ACL. The Chargers have been a heavy run team for the past couple of years, but when senior Willie Eiland was able to get the ball in his possession, he always made the best of it.

One more key senior that the Chargers will be losing is one of the best lineman to ever come out of St. Joseph high school, Jerome Tillis. Tillis was fighting throughout the whole season with an injured hip, but never let that become an excuse when he knew that his brothers needed him on that football field. Tillis has played football all 4 years for the Chargers and he also says that, “No matter how bad the record is, this program only gets better and better as a team as time goes along.”

Both seniors Jerome Tillis (#57) and Willie Eiland (#3) made all conference in the Chicago Catholic League before leaving the school that prepped them for college. Along with them, we had three juniors in the class of 2017 that made all conference the in CCL, Kris Reid Jr. (#1), Guylon Moore (#34), and Armone Elem (#4). Kris and Guylon have been key to the defensive side of the ball since their freshmen year in high school playing linebacker with one another. However, they also got their shine on the offensive side of the ball as well. Armone “Money” Elem has been most clutch with his offensive talents. He has been the running back for the Chargers since he has been a freshman. “Money” was named Offensive Player of the Year in the Red Division for all of his hard work throughout the season. Sophomore Shemar Bishop was one of the 6 that stood out as well. He was like a Ray Lewis on the line for us, and has only room for improvement.

The Chargers ended their season off on such a good note and won the game 41-0. The group of Chargers had helped the assistant coach Gil Hesslau leave with a winning record as a head coach for his last game before retirement. The class of 2017 plans on coming back hard for the next season and changing the name on this school.