Postponement doesn’t take away from Powder Puff fun

Rainout delays game for four days, but fun still rules supreme

Joe Rodriguez, Staff writer

The Powder Puff game is a great way for our students to enjoy the beginning of our school year. Our school’s tradition of the senior girls and junior girls is playing in a football game the week of homecoming is always an event that everyone looks forward too especially the football team.

This year’s theme was Army versus Navy so the juniors wore Navy blue colors and the seniors wore Army green. The entire football team was there to support their fellow classmates and even some joined in on the fun to help in coaching and giving girls advices on techniques.

The game was actually delayed from Thursday until Monday because of rain, but it didn’t deter the girls from putting forth their best effort.

It was a well-played game in and both the seniors and the juniors were able to pull off some impressing highlight plays. In the end, though, the seniors pulled away with a close victory of just one touchdown, 14-7.

The juniors scored only one touchdown while the seniors scored two touchdowns. The girls who scored on the senior team to win the game were Alexa Epps and Nikki Garcia. It was a close and competitive match but the seniors were able to finish off their last year at St. Joe’s with a win. It is a bittersweet feeling but this game will definitely be looked back on and smiled at when we think about our last great moments at Joes.