Soccer team adds more hardware to the trophy case; Volleyball team reaches regional final

The boys soccer team recorded its second runner-up finish at state in the past three years this year.

The boys soccer team recorded its second runner-up finish at state in the past three years this year.

Genna Foster, Staff writer

St. Joseph had one of its most successful fall athletic seasons ever this year, with our soccer team going down state once again and our volleyball team having a great winning season. Both sports had incredible games with many exciting aspects within them.

The Lady Chargers Volleyball Program, yet again, was introduced to a new coaching staff and lost 5 out of the 6 starters from last season, but this didn’t stop the determination these girls had this year. Although it was a year of adjusting, it turned out to be a benefit for this team.

“I feel that this year’s team was one of the best that I have been on in many ways. Our chemistry was great and we worked well with each other both on and off the court. There was no drama, just people striving all for the same goal,” said junior captain Kayla Domio.

The Lady Chargers finished their season just shy of a Regional Title, but ended with an overall record of 13-12 and a conference record of 4-1.

“I think my team grew a lot throughout the season. We became closer as friends as well as teammates. We learned each other’s skills and how we all worked together,” said senior captain Allie Grengs.

With five seniors leaving the program this year, it will be another year of adjusting next year, but I have no doubt they will do just fine with that.

The Boys’ Soccer Program was an incredible team to watch this fall season. With another trip to the IHSA State Tournament, this team made memories not only amongst themselves but for the entire school that got to witness their greatness.

The Chargers took second place for the second time in the last three years. They beat Bloomington Cornerstone 4-0 in the state semifinals on Oct. 28 before falling to U-High 3-1 on Oct. 29 in the state championship game.

They got to the state tournament with a 4-0 win over Frances Parker in the Benedictine Supersectional on Oct. 25.

“My favorite part of this season would be making it down state, the whole playoff run was amazing with the team. Being able to spend a night with the team was well worth it. It made me realize these guys were not only my teammates but my brothers. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to play with my final your of high school,” said senior captain Manny Lopez.

This team had a different dynamic than before, with 13 seniors on the team, experience was not a concern, rather the ‘meshing’ amongst one another was what the team focused on in order to be successful.

“As the season went one we started bonding more as a team and I think that really helped us communicate more on what we needed to work on and it helped to motivate every single one of us to work harder and actually be on the same page!” said senior, captain Dylan Robledo.

With a decent season, the post season is when this team really showed their true potential. Going downstate was an accomplishment in its self but these boys wanted to bring home a title, so it not only took great soccer playing, but intense focus and determination.

“Everybody put their own part in because we all wanted the same goal. All I had to do was organize them when they got sidetracked and do my own part,” said senior, captain Danny Magallanes when asked what he had to do as a captain to keep his team concentrated down state.

Although the cards didn’t fall in to the Chargers hands Saturday afternoon, they still should have a strong sense of pride within themselves for making it to the State Finals. Winning Second Place in the State Tournament is not something many teams can say they accomplished.

With the fall sports at St. Joseph High School coming to an end, it is only leading to more great athletics at the school. Up next is girls and boys basketball and boys wrestling. Go Chargers!