Girls basketball team looks to repeat at state tournament


Coach Winston and the girls at the Maine East Tournament at Thanksgiving.

Genna Foster, Staff writer

With a tremendous season last year, the Lady Chargers’ basketball team is hoping to make another visit down state. Last year the team finished 4th place in the Class 2A State Tournament, making history by being the first girls’ team to make it to the IHSA State Tournament.

The team has had to make the adjustment of losing two starters from last year including their “big.” The Chargers were lucky in receiving multiple transfer students and even have a freshman on the varsity squad. Even with these changes, the team seems to be meshing very well.

“This year the team chemistry is honestly stronger than it has ever been since I have been here. I feel like we have a real sisterhood type of bond. There is no drama or negativity on the team,” said Captain Maia Marshall, a junior at St. Joe’s.

With their hopes set high again for this season, the Lady Chargers have started off strong with just falling short of winning the Maine East Thanksgiving Tournament and have a record of 5-2. Captains Davane Gross and Maia Marshall are two strong assets to the Chargers; they are crucial in order for the team to be successful.

“My role as a captain is to guide my team into the right direction and be the leader- be like the coaches extra helper, but still do what I need to do to do my part and get the job done with my team,” said Marshall.

This team has so much determination and will to make history yet again. Everyone is working hard to do their own part and make the team as successful as possible.

“My main goal this season is to win as many games as possible and make it back down state. I believe we are capable of doing this because our team has so much drive and talent, that we are not taking failure as an option,” said Gross.