No Cubs? No problem…Here’s your Chicago Winter Sports Guide

Genna Foster, Staff writer

Who would have thought the drought would finally end after one hundred and eight long years, that the Chicago Cubs would finally bring the World Series Title back to Wrigley? The answer is no one. Well it was an exciting run those guys had this year, but now with the celebrations coming to an end, the next round of sports are bound to begin. With our Bears down at Soldier Field and our Bulls and Blackhawks occupying the United Center, also known as the “Madhouse on Madison,” we are ready for the next round of games to begin.

This 2016 Season for the Bears unfortunately has not been anything like the fantasy Cubs season. With a record of 3-9, it is a miracle if the fans fill the seats at Soldier Field. Hopefully, this is just a bad year for the team and they can turn it around for next season because all hope for them is gone.

“I don’t even watch the Bears anymore because it is just blow out after blow out. There is no excitement,” said Jake Hansen, a senior at St. Joe’s.

The dynasty team of the Windy City currently leads the Western Conference with a record of 17-8-3, despite playing the last two weeks without captain Jonathan Toews. The ice still has a lot of playing to be played on it, but it is always good to start strong. Contrary to football here, many love watching the Hawks.

“Personally I enjoy watching hockey over football and basketball. My family and I have been going to hockey games for years and really enjoy them,” said Allie Grengs, a senior at St. Joe’s.

Grace Genova, a senior as well, agreed with Allie, saying “I like the Hawks the most. My family has season tickets. The team is talented and plays well together which makes it always fun to watch!”

The Chicago Bulls this season were lucky with their pickup of Dwayne Wade and are set in the middle of the Eastern Conference right now with a record of 11-10, holding the seventh seed and are in the playoffs by one game over Indiana and Atlanta.

“Out of the three teams I personally like the Bulls the most. I watch the Bulls the most because they are the most entertaining team out of the three,” said Diego Rios, a senior at St. Joe’s.

The Bulls have always been a favored team of the cities, and usually have fans from all over the place due to the incredible Michael Jordan.

“I like the Bulls the most out of the three. I really enjoy watching and playing basketball. I also feel like the Bulls are one of the most popular sports teams in the world,” said Peter Caruso, a senior at St. Joe’s.

Most teenagers are supporters of the Bulls or Blackhawks this season. Even those who don’t follow sports as much tend to hope on the bandwagons of basketball and hockey over football.

“I’m not really a sports fan but if I had to choose, it would be the hawks; I watch the games the most with my dad. It’s a great bonding time with each other and hockey is a crazy intense sport,” said Nikki Garcia, a senior at St. Joe’s.

Who knows maybe this year in Chicago, sports will be even more successful and the Commissioner’s trophy could be joined by the Stanley Cup or the NBA Championship Trophy, unfortunately I don’t see the Vince Lombardi Trophy landing in Chicago, but hey miracles do happen!