Blackhawks continue to fight for top spot in division, conference

Tessa Martyn, Blackhawks Beat

With just a little over 2 ½ months left before playoffs, the Blackhawks remain 2nd in the central division standings after losing against the Washington Capitals 6-0 and the Minnesota Wild 3-2. However, they are in a close race for 1st which is currently taken over by the Minnesota Wild with a record of 30-10-5. The Blackhawks currently hold a record of 29-14-5 as of January 21st. The Blackhawks have recently traded Cameron Schilling for forward Michael Latta from the Los Angeles Kings who will report to the Rockford IceHogs.

The Blackhawks will play 3 games at home before heading into the All-Star break. All-Star weekend will take place at the Staples center in Los Angeles, California. On Saturday, January 28th, the Staples Center will host the All-Star skills competition and then on Sunday, January 29th, the Staples Center will host the NHL All-Star game. The Blackhawks definitely have some improving to do within the next 2 ½ months. Winning games by just one goal won’t cut it especially when the Blackhawks have a history of not playing to their full ability around this time of the season.


The MVP of the month award goes to Marian “Clutch” Hossa as they now call him. Marian has been on fire this season in which he can thank the Blackhawks exit to the St. Louis Blues in 7 games last April. It was the Blackhawks first opening-round exit since ‘11-12. Although it was a bummer, it was also a blessing in disguise for Marian Hossa as he was able to focus on his speed rather than building up his strength which has resulted in his extraordinary season as a Chicago Blackhawk.


Another player that deserves the MVP of the month award is Scott “The Brick Wall” Darling who recently recorded a 30 save shutout against the Boston Bruins on Friday, January 20th with his father watching in the stands. Scott Darling has been playing exceptionally well especially during his 3-week stint in December when Corey Crawford was recovering from an appendectomy. Of course being the classy and humble hockey player that he is, Scott Darling stated that he was “appreciative” of the start and that the Blackhawks “didn’t have to do that.” He also stomped out the flame of any burgeoning goalie controversy by praising his goalie partner Corey Crawford, in which he stated “I don’t know if you guys know who my goalie partner is, but he’s one of the best goalies in the world, hands down, no arguments” and “ I’m just pretty happy to get any games I can.”  Scott Darling definitely deserves praise for his amazing goaltending so far and will continue to be “Chicago’s Darling.”

The most promising rookies for this month would definitely be rewarded to Vinnie Hinostroza and Ryan Hartman. Vinnie Hinostroza has been sniping tendies recently with 2 goals which helped lead the team to victory against the Colorado Avalanche, in which they won 6-4. Ryan Hartman recently recorded a hat trick which helped lead the Blackhawks to victory against the Nashville Predators. Both these rookies are going to have promising futures with the Blackhawks throughout the rest of the season.