Lady Chargers looking for repeat of last year’s postseason success

Takyra Jackson, Correspondent

In 2016, the St. Joseph girls’ basketball team, the Lady Chargers, went downstate for the first time since St. Joseph became coed. Hoping to go back this year, we have been working hard to better our team to reach our goal.

This year, however, we have some added help thanks to some new teammates: Chelsea Cross, Kayla Green, Brandi Thibeaux and Charisma Robinson. These players, coupled with returning players like Maia Marshall, Davane Gross, Takyra Jackson and De’Asiah McIntosh, give the Chargers a solid shot at returning downstate.

At first, I believed that it was going to be hard to play together with these new players especially, since we never played nor knew these new players. However, when our first game came, we actually played great we played like a team, we were connecting, getting shots and open layups etc., and won that game.

I believe this team this year is somewhat better than last year’s team. Not only do we have a bigger roster, but we have a more skillful team.

For instance, with Gross at point guard, she works hard and is a leader on the court with her assists and her ability to see the court and get everybody a chance to shoot. Marshall, Cross, Green and Thibeaux lead the team in points thanks to their outside shooting. When we need points and some three’s they’re the ones we look to, they’re the ones who we trust in too step up and score when we are down or losing.

Robinson and Jackson bring rebounding and putbacks to the squad and their ability to be aggressive in the post.

But, let’s not forget our Bench Mob. Even though they don’t really play in the games they are always on the bench being encouraging and supportive. They go to every practice and work hard to not just make themselves better but to make everyone else better too. Without them we wouldn’t have as big of a roster as we do today. But, without all these players we would have never won so many games, even games against teams that we should have lost against.

As we go into playoffs, we work hard every practice and every game to reach our goal to go downstate and to prove to everyone that us going down last year wasn’t just luck. We went downstate because we are a good team that works hard, shed blood and tears every time we hit that court. Michael Jordan once said that even though we are tired and fatigued, our hearts aren’t fatigue, and yea our team might get tired here and there but we have the heart to continue. We have the heart to beat every team going into regionals, going into sectionals, going into super sectionals to reach our goal and that it to go downstate and win the championship and prove that losing that game last year was a mistake and we belong down there.

The Chargers opened the postseason Wednesday, Feb. 15 with a win at home in a regional semifinal. The Chargers will play Fenwick at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17 at home for the regional championship. This is a rematch of last year’s conference championship game, which St. Joseph won.