No, Cubs, No. North Siders unable to repeat this year

Carmelo Zambole, Staff writer

The Cubs were not able to relive the dream this year. After winning the World Series this year and winning the National League Central Division this year, the Cubs were eliminated in the National League Championship Series by the L.A. Dodgers, squashing their dream of a repeat.

After beating the Washington Nationals to reach the NLCS, the Cubs went out in five games to the Dodgers.

All that excitement from last year got everyone too pumped for this year, but the Cubs weren’t able to ride that momentum any further.

This left Cubs’ fans disappointed, but optimistic that next year the Cubs will be right back in the postseason fighting for a spot in the World Series once again. Mr. Lane, one of the bigger Cubs’ fans at St. Joseph, had a simple explanation for the Cubs not being able to repeat.

“Our luck just ran out,” said Mr. Lane.

They made it to the World Series last year and the luck just disappeared after that as injuries and free agents moving on to play in other places hindered their chances.

The Dodgers were the better team this year thanks to the team. They’re doing their best out there on the field or hitting. The Dodgers were a good team last year and now they are doing great to a point they’ll just win the World Series.