Bears keep slipping further into oblivion

The Bears are looking for their most successful season in a long time in 2018.

The Bears are looking for their most successful season in a long time in 2018.

Anthony Calabrese, Correspondent

The Chicago Bears’ season is in serious jeopardy. Ever since they won two games in a row against the Baltimore Ravens and Carolina Panthers, the Bears have lost five games in a row against the Saints, Packers, Lions, Eagles and the previously one-win 49ers. Their record is now 3-9. Their 31-3 loss against the Eagles was especially bad, but was actually topped by a 15-13 loss to the 49ers which saw former kicker Robbie Gould kick five field goals to beat his former team.

Against the Eagles, the Bears’ offense was absolutely horrendous. Jordan Howard, one of the best halfbacks in the NFL, had only seven carries for six yards. Considering he has had multiple hundred yard games this season, six yards is a huge disappointment. Mitchell Trubisky, their rookie quarterback, had 147 passing yards and two interceptions. He is a rookie, but he must perform better if the Bears are going to win any games.

The defense did no favors either. They let quarterback Carson Wentz pass for 227 yards and score three passing touchdowns. LeGarrette Blount had 15 carries for 97 yards. Tight end Zach Ertz had ten receptions for 103 yards. They had one turnover, recovering a fumble, but it did not amount to anything.

If the Bears want to finish the season strong, they have to improve both offensively and defensively. The offensive line has to create gaps for Jordan Howard. Mitchell Trubisky needs to get rid of the ball more quickly to prevent sacks. The defense, especially the secondary, has to create more turnovers to give the offense more opportunities.

It is now more than guaranteed that the Bears will end the season with a losing record. One of their upcoming games is against the currently winless Cleveland Browns. A loss to them would definitely be the newest low point of the season.

This is not the Bears’ year. Hopefully next year will be.