Camaraderie leading to successful boys’ volleyball season so far

Nick Shuflit, Correspondent

Bump, Set, Spike. Those are the three things needed for a uniform play in volleyball. But, there is a lot more that goes into a uniform team. In order for a team to win, they need good morale and staying in high spirits even when the other team has the upper hand.

The team also needs trust in one another, and being able to fall back on one another without worrying about the aftermath of a mistake. The Joes Volleyball team always makes sure to persevere even when they are down.

When it comes to morale, the Volleyball team has enough to go around for all. Whenever we are down in the score column, we hold our heads high and persevere to the finish of each set. We make sure every pass, every set, or every hit has a purpose. Whether that purpose be getting the game winning point or pushing our lead even further, we always make sure to have a purpose.

Led by players like Kyle Fuller (middle), Tony Watts (setter/right side), Bernard Bell (middle), Nick Schuflit (libero) and Carlos Gomez (outside hitter), the Charger are 6-6 and had a four-game winning streak recently snapped by IMSA.

When it comes to trust, the Volleyball team always makes sure our teammates have someone to fall back on in, on and off the court. We are not only a team, we are a family that has been united under one goal… winning. This also makes the Joes Volleyball team unique. We have a trust that can be unbroken and bond that is impenetrable.

The Saint Joseph Boys Volleyball team this year has had its ups and downs, but we have always made sure to keep our heads up, and look past our mistakes and always focus on scoring that last point, and securing the victory.