Chargers’ spikers looking for a solid year

Julee Paradee, Staff writer

St. Joseph’s Girls’ Volleyball team started off the season a little rocky, but the team is working hard to make a comeback.

The team is led by seniors Allison Kelly, Jade Link and Calli Hilgenberg.

Another leader is junior Lucia Gonzalez, who has been playing volleyball since sixth grade, and she is now a junior in high school. She first began playing at her grade school, Heritage Middle school.

“It will be interesting to see how far we go this year,” said Gonzalez.

Volleyball isn’t an easy sport to play with all the passes, sets, and spikes involved. It involves coordination, time, patience, and lots of practice. Luckily, the St. Joseph volleyball team possesses all of those traits.

“We could definitely use improvement and within the team we could work on team work,” said Gonzalez.

Playing volleyball can make a person very nervous, as can any other sport. The feeling of getting onto the court at the beginning of a game and having everyone look at you can be a bit scary. Lucia has the courage to step onto that court and to play the game.

“It feels intense and exciting first stepping onto that court,” said Gonzalez. ‘There’s an urgency to win from both sides.”

Many volleyball teams mourn after losing a volleyball game. St. Joseph has learned how to move past it and how to continue playing. It is said that you have to get worse to get better.

“Our team takes losing very well because we try and think of the positives and try and think of winning next time,” said Lucia.

Gonzalez believes that moving on from mistakes is better than being sad over them for long periods of time. You must move on and think of the positive side of things.

“We have a goal to win games and go further than last year,” said Lucia. “We have not yet achieved this goal.”

The St. Joseph Charger volleyball team is continuing to work hard, and to give their coaches their best effort.