Ohio State, Alabama constants in a muddled up NCAA field

Jacob Garza, Staff writer

It’s finally that time of year again, waking up early on Saturday morning and watching Lee Corso and the boys pick the teams for a fun-filled and ever-so-lasting stress relieving day of college football.

September just seems to be that month where the butterflies are creeping in and the whistle blows, and the ball is blasted high in the air, and week 1 of the season has started. Eleven `o clock seems to be a good time to start munching down on the chicken wings anyway.

Week 1 opened right away with a “huge” matchup. Michigan (14) against Norte Dame (8) in South Bend. It was a very big game, like any game, each team goal is to win the most games as possible to try to get into “The Playoffs.” Notre Dame won this game to remain in the top ten.

The first three weeks also saw Ohio State without its coach, Urban Meyer, after a scandal involving one of his assistant coaches, Zack Smith. The Buckeyes, of course, won all three games.

Week 2 opened with no surprises, as each ranked team were expected to beat their opponents, and they did just that. However, Week 3 saw another upset as Wisconsin (4) lost to BYU at home, resulting Wisconsin to fall out of the rankings.

Some teams at the moment making some noise are Texas, who had just beaten recently ranked USC and TCU. Also, Washington, who lost their big week 1 game against Auburn, are now making their way back up the ranks as they won their last three games.

Finally, week 5, saw one of the biggest games on the schedule, “The Whiteout Game”, Penn State (8) vs Ohio State (4). It was a fantastic game, back and fourth game, which resulted it coming down to the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

Trace Mcsorley, Quarterback, who had an amazing game rushing for 175 yards, came down to a 4th and 5 with 1:10 remaining in the game. James Franklin, coach of Penn State, called 2 timeouts, before which may very well be a play that may determine Penn States rest of the season, decided to do a run play, and ended up losing 3 yards, and the game.

Confusion rocked around the stadium, as Ohio State walked in and lientery stole a win from the Lions. Just like college football is about, it was pure anxiety and stress for any fan.

With more games like this to come, some people may say that, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.”