Charger spikers looking forward to next year

Julee Paradee, Staff writer

The St. Joseph high school charger volleyball team has had a long season that lasted a total of three months, but now the season has come to an end. The Chargers practiced five days a week and sometimes even had tournaments on Saturdays. Most of the girls on the team seem to think that they could have done better than they did in the long run though.

“I am glad our season is over, but disappointed with the final results of our season,” said junior Lucia Gonzalez.        “I did enjoy playing, it was worth it in the end because I like volleyball.”

Lucia may be a junior varsity player but the varsity has called her up onto the varsity level several times for help when one of their top players was sick. She is always willing to help out her teammates no matter what the situation may be.

Even though the Chargers did not like the outcome of the season, they still are keeping a positive attitude and are going to celebrate their playing of volleyball with a banquet where they will receive awards and eat pizza together as a team.

Lucia says that the chargers could be better prepared for next season if they do team building activities, and spend more time together, they do not work well as a team. Team building could be from doing obstacle courses together, or it could just be watching a movie. All Lucia knows is that in order to work better as a team they need to team build.

“I felt nervous and excited stepping onto the court during our last game because I wanted to win so badly,” said Lucia. “I wanted our team to win. We can do better next year.”

In the long run, now they know what they need to work on to better improve their playing for the next season.