Bears well on their way to breaking long playoff drought

Anthony Calabrese, Staff writer

It is certainly a great time to be a Chicago Bears fan. The Bears are 8-3 and at the top of their division. They are on pace to make the playoffs for the first time since 2010. With their explosive offense and elite defense, they are looking like Super Bowl contenders. After several years of mediocrity, it feels good to say that the Bears are for real this year.

After two heartbreaking losses to the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots, the Bears have won five games in a row, the longest win streak they’ve had since 2012. Their last three games were especially gratifying because they were against the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, and the Lions again, all division rivals. These three games took place in a span of 12 days, two of them being broadcasted on national television. The Bears have five games left. Two of those are very important divisional games against the Vikings and the Packers. The other three are against the pathetic New York Giants, the awful San Francisco 49ers, and the dominant Los Angeles Rams.

There are many players on this team that will most likely make it to the Pro Bowl in January. The most obvious one is Khalil Mack, who has made this good defense into a great defense. He has eight sacks, five forced fumbles, and one interception for a touchdown. He is in the defensive player of the year conversation. Another player is Eddie Jackson, who has four interceptions, two forced fumbles, and three touchdowns. He had a game-winning interception for a touchdown against the Lions on Thanksgiving.

The Bears are projected to win the NFC North and go to the playoffs. The games against the Giants and 49ers should be easy wins, and we already know they can beat the Vikings. The Week 15 game against the Packers should be an indication of how much the Bears have changed throughout the season. They couldn’t beat the Packers all the way back in Week 1, but they should be able to get the win the second time around. The team has found its identity since then, and head coach Matt Nagy now has more play-calling experience. The only game that they probably won’t win is against the Rams, arguably the best team in the NFL. If the Bears win the games they should win for the rest of the season, they will have a record of 12-4. In order for this to happen, Mitchell Trubisky has to get healthy as soon as possible.

The Chicago Bears are finally a good team again. All the years of suffering have finally paid off, as they are now looking towards a deep playoff run. Things are about to get very exciting. Bear down.