Bulls’ rebuild may go on a little longer

Miguel Flojo, Staff writer

The NBA season has been going on for quite some time now and our Chicago bulls are 15th in the standings right now having 5 wins and 19 losses. Their leading scorer is #8 point guard Zach Lavine, who is averaging 25.0 PPG, and on Saturday Zach dropped a team-high of 29 points against the Rockets but still taking the loss.

That bad record cost head coach Fred Hoiberg his job on Monday, as the Bulls replaced him with Jim Boylen.


One of their injured players Lauri Markanen has recovered from injury, and Bulls fans are hoping he can help turn this season around. His first game after injury he got 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 1 block. It won’t be long before they put him back in the starting lineup.


The Bulls have been on a six-game losing streak. They are in a slump and have a lack of talent. Their chances of going to the playoffs are very slim right now. But having a strong and young trio with Lavine, Jabari Parker, and Markanen can hopefully lead Chicago to a title in the future.