It’s going to be another long season for the Blackhawks

Miguel Flojo, Staff writer

The Chicago Blackhawks are 13th in the western conference, and 29th in the league with a record of 9 wins and 14 losses. Right now, the Hawks are on a 4-game losing streak after a 3-2 loss against Calgary Sunday night.

The biggest occurrence so far this year has been the firing of long-time coach Joel Quenneville. Quenneville, who coached the Hawks to three Stanley Cup wins (2010, 2013, 2015) during his tenure, was made the fall guy for the Hawks slow start after they missed the playoffs last year.

Right Wing Patrick Kane is leading the Blackhawks in goals with 13 goals and in points with 36. Unfortunately, he’s not getting much help after Jonathan Toews’ 11 goals.

They do have to make some adjustments due to their new head coach Jeremy Colliton, the youngest coach in hockey who took over for Quenneville after serving as coach of the Hawks’ minor league affiliate in Rockford. Their losing season could be due to the new head coach’s ways, and they aren’t used to it and they play as if they don’t respect himyet.

Since they are 29th overall in the league their playoff chances are looking slim right now. Their goal differential stat is -27. Their next game is on December 4th and is against the Anaheim Ducks, who are 14-10 and 9th overall in the league so they have a good chance of losing, but you never know.

Overall, the Blackhawks season right now is not going well. They probably won’t make a big impact this year, but hopefully they can change things up next year.