Female makes history with collegiate football offer

Katarina Salinas, Correspondent

Toni Harris recently made history.

It all began in early January of 2019 when she was offered a scholarship to play football at Bethany College. What was significant about this is that Toni Harris is female and she is not a placekicker. This makes her the first female to receive a scholarship to play an offensive or defensive position in the history of the NCAA.

Harris has been playing football since she was six years old. She played both cornerback and wide receiver in high school and recently, Toyota aired a commercial during the Super Bowl shining the spotlight on her future potential as an athlete.

Obviously, Harris has had a tough time getting coaches to believe in her because football is not a sport that traditionally girls would play. What makes her a hero is the fact that she fought through barriers and has shown that putting your mind to something can help you accomplish anything.

She says her dream is to play in the NFL and will forever make her a hero to all girls who trapped in a “man’s world.”