Boys’ soccer team looking to hit its stride as playoffs approach

Anthony Capua, Staff writer

The St. Joseph boys’ soccer team is a team who has gotten off to a rough start to their 2019 season. However, with coach Matthew Sinacore, the team hopes to rebound in the upcoming games leading up to the IHSA regionals, which begin the second week of October.

He will be focusing on some key elements to get them back on track heading into the postseason.

Mr. Sinacore is a St. Joseph alum and has been involved in coaching soccer for ten years, with eight seasons here at St. Joseph. Along with coaching soccer, he also teaches English, Reading, and Crime Scene Investigation. He is also the head of the anime and video game club and might start a creative writing club in the future.

The graduations of senior goaltender Carlos Gomez and team leaders Nick Dowdle and Jacob Garza have left a minor dent in the new team. Coach Sinacore hopes the new seniors can teach the younger players coachability and new learning skills.

The team’s biggest strong suit is their youth.

Many lower classmen are dedicated to the sport and try hard in every game. However, the strength is also the weakness, as the younger players are usually matched up against older, more experience players. Game sense and strength will come with time and Coach Sinacore wants them to understand the weaknesses and try to grow from them.

“Things aren’t always that enjoyable,” Sinacore said, “If a freshman can understand why we lost, or why things are tough, they’ll be all the better for it in the future.”

Sinacore is accepting of anyone who wants to further their skill level and is loyal to the team. For any new freshman coming in to the club, he wants to enforce that this is a serious dedication, not just a fun league to mess around in.

“He would fit in immediately,” Sinacore said, “He would have to understand that this isn’t just a ‘having fun’ kind of thing. We want to compete, we want to work hard, we want to play for the next game.”

The team has a very bright future full of young and devoted players. The main goal is to get back to winning regionals, sectionals and getting back to the state tournament, something that has been expected for years.

Upperclassmen are role models that the lowerclassmen look up to, and they all hope to get better as a team.