Volleyball team begins anew with new coaching staff

Giana Guerrero, Staff writer

St. Josephvery own Lady Chargers Volleyball team has one more month till the season ends.


These ladies have been practicing non-stop in order to perfect their routines and come together almost as a family. These ladies chose to play like they practice and put in good work for everything. 

The season could be going a little better, but the team so far has the skills that we need to be better,” said sophomore Jessica Watts.


When the season began, we got two new coaches who have really helped with training using the resources that we have. Our coaches have really encouraged us as players to try are hardest to get to where we want to be. 

“Our new coaches have a really good grasp on how to play volleyball and along with helping us work hard each and every day, even when we have games, they try their best to give us time to practice before it starts,” Watts said.


To get ready for games and prove team camaraderie, before we start the games, we have a little Pep talk and warm, and we would yell CHARGERS ON 3 FAMILY ON 6! 

Getting close to as a team compared to last year even when our lady chargers had their differences, they always found a way to settle out their differences by apologizing and acting like it never happened. 


Together as a team they make a cohesive group that brings something new to the table every day.