Monsters of the Midway are just maddening this year


Anthony Capua, Staff writer

The Chicago Bears have an endured a roller coaster season to date, sitting at 5-6 heading into their Thanksgiving tussle with the Detroit Lions.

Despite returning a ton of talent from last year’s division-winning team, this year hasn’t gone as planned. Maybe the most depressing area of the team has been the offense.

Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky seems as if he is not growing in to the all-star talent he was projected to be. This is more clearly shown when we compare him to quarterbacks who were drafted lower than him in the same year. The Houston Texans are quickly becoming an elite level threat with the tandem of third year quarterback, Deshaun Watson, and wide receiver, Deandre Hopkins. Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs has already cemented himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the league by winning the MVP last season.

Both of these players were drafted below Trubisky in the same draft year.

An area where most fans expected us to have the most trouble was the special teams. Cody Parkey’s frustrating stint with the Bears last season had fans missing Robbie Gould and realizing how special special teams truly was. Eddy Pineiro showed he could handle the pressure early in beating the Denver Broncos in a Week 2 win over the Broncos with a last-second field goal, but even he has now struggled, missing numerous extra points and even costing the Bears a shot at beating the Rams two weeks ago.

The strongest area of the team is, of course, the defense. Our defense last year put up monstrous numbers and was being compared to all time defenses such as the early 2000’s Ravens or the 1985 Bears. Needless to say, our defense has not gotten any worse. The only problem with the defense is the consistent injuries. If our entire defense is healthy, they are unstoppable, and arguably a better offensive threat than the actual offense.

The biggest problem has been the offense, though. In too many games, including a home loss to the Saints, the offense was never able to get things going. Another telling sign is a non-existent running game. On a weekly basis, the team has been totaling about 60 yards on the ground.

Even with a win over Detroit on Thanksgiving, the Bears will still be sitting at 6-6 and will still be way behind the pack in the playoff picture. At this point, the division seems out of reach with the Packers sitting at 8-2 and even the Vikings ahead of the Bears, though the Bears did win their first meeting against Minnesota, giving them a tie-breaker for the playoffs if the Bears can get back that far.