JV football team wins first conference title in over 20 years


Daniel Adams, Staff Writer

What a season for the JV football team! We won six out of nine games. We won our conference for the first time in over two decades! Even though there were some nail biting, suspenseful moments, we had fun and enjoyed ourselves along the way!

There were many points during our season that were unforgettable. The most unforgettable moment was during our homecoming game. We were up 22-20 with about forty-five seconds left. Leo was on our fifteen or twenty yard line. The clock was ticking. They snapped the ball, the quarterback dropped back to pass, and threw it parallel to the line of scrimmage. The receiver was preparing himself to catch the ball when, out of nowhere, Adonis White breaks through the line and intercepts the ball, sealing our homecoming victory!

A great moment, also, was when we emerged victorious after our first win in our new conference, which was against Gordon Tech. During our game against St. Ignatius, Elijah Davis had two interceptions during that game. One more great moment of our season was during our last game against St. Lawrence, when we ran our fake punt for the first time, and Victor Martinez ran the ball for a first down and plenty more.

Winning conference takes a lot of hard work and dedication, which is exactly what this team had. We had great teamwork, so when we needed an extra push to get that first down, or that great block to seal the touchdown, we knew we could count on each other. Ever since the first day of summer practices, we had our minds on one thing and one thing only: to win our conference. We didn’t know how much work it would entail, because it was only done one other time. The last and only time we won conference was in 1988. We didn’t want this drought to continue. After we won our first few games, we started to get more confident, and we started to get to know the plays better. The coaches now knew where people did and didn’t belong. We started to get to know each other better, so we started to recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Working together and working hard is what kept this team going, eventually to the conference win.

In an interview with coach Belluomini, he stated that all he wanted from this team to improve and to win a few games. When we won conference, he had an awesome feeling. A feeling he was very glad to have, but wasn’t always positive that we would feel it after the past few years. Coach said “The biggest challenge we faced this year was trying to keep everyone eligible, which we did a good job at, but we could have done better.” Coach Belluomini said his favorite moments were when Adonis White’s game sealing interception during our homecoming game, or the excitement that Dillen Keller showed when he was put in at full back during practice. He said something he wished we would have changed about the season was the loss against Lake Forest. Coach thinks that the team was as successful as we were because we were “talented, willing to learn and be coached, [the team] wanted to win and get better, and knew what it would take to win.” We were also willing to work hard to get the wins. He thought our greatest achievement was during our Gordon tech game, when it was a close game, we worked together to overcome adversity, and we ended up winning the game. Coach Belluomini’s future plans for the team are to dedicate themselves to the team by going to the weight room in the offseason, because with dedication comes victory.

In the future we plan to keep this going. We are going to the weight room and we are continuing to get stronger and better to come out better next year and make the playoffs. As our coaches have said in the past, “Games are won in the offseason.” We plan on keeping up all of our hard work and we are really dedicating ourselves to the team. Even though the JV football team won’t be together next year, as many players are moving on to varsity, we will try to bring our skill and positive attitudes to varsity and the new JV team next year can build on the success of this year with another conference title.